WireX R&D domain coordinator Vlas Lisny was killed at the front

Recently, Vlas Lisny, domain coordinator of Wirex R&D and signalman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, was killed at the front. DOU was informed about this by the company.

Vlas Lisny joined the army from the first days of a full-scale Russian invasion.

"I joined the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine because I want a peaceful sky to reign over our Ukraine, so that people, if they want to leave for another country, then on their own initiative, and not out of fear for their lives," aitovets said about his choice to go to the front.

The company says that "Vlas was a domain coordinator at Wirex R&D, but this is just a technical name, because it was deeper than any definition."

"Vlas was more than a teammate, almost a brother. He remained positive even in the darkest of times. The team was very much looking forward to his return," Wirex R&D said.

The signalman conducted his observations in the Telegram channel. One of the last words was: "but in the bottom line, we all adjust ourselves in order to adapt to the new reality, and leave a little space so that at the beautiful moment of victory we do not forget what it's like to live carefree."

Wirex R&D asks to join the collection and support the deceased's wife, Victoria, and their daughters. You can do this here.