Ukrainian displaced persons in Poland were granted the right to cross EU borders with the document

Poland launched -an electronic document that allows Ukrainians who have received temporary protection in Poland to travel within the European Union, as well as cross its external borders.

The main thing on July 22 in Poland launched this is the first fully digital residence permit in the EU. Owners they can legally stay in Poland, as well as travel within the European Union and cross its external borders. You can move within the Schengen area for 90 days for a total period of 180 days.Document available via the mObywatel mobile app with electronic documents. You can install it on your mobile phone (Android, iOS). You must also have a PESEL (the Polish equivalent of the Ukrainian identification code, marked UKR, which confirms that the Ukrainian received temporary protection from war in Poland) and a trusted profile.In first and last name, PESEL number, date and place of birth, and citizenship are displayed. Details

The data stored in the phone is encrypted and signed with the corresponding unique certificate, which the user receives when activating the app. Polish officials say that even after losing your phone, your personal data will be safe.

Now Poland has sent a message about to the EU member states and associated countries of the Schengen area. And on July 12, the Ministry of Internal Affairs submitted an application for temporary use to the European Commission. as a document confirming the legality of your stay in Poland.