Choice QR, a startup with Ukrainian roots, has raised €1.5 million and is looking for developers

Choice QR startup, which develops solutions for HoReCa, held a new Seed round and raised €1.5 million from five European funds. Choice QR recruits developers, sales managers, and support specialists.

The main startup with Ukrainian co-owners Choice QR raised €1.5 million from five European funds: Presto Ventures, Reflex Capital, JnT Ventures, Purple Ventures and Seedcamp.In the summer, the company opened a new office in Warsaw.Currently, choice QR is looking for five team members in the Polish Office: Product Managera/Ownera, React.js, Node.js / Javascript developers, DOU told the company.Choice QR also continues to recruit sales managers and support specialists. The team is assisted with a relocation to Warsaw and Prague, if the specialists want it. Details

The raised investments are planned to be spent on entering new markets, writes AIN. In particular, the startup plans to compete with the French restaurant payment app Sunday, which recently left four markets at once (60% of total engagement) and significantly reduced its staff.

Choice QR was launched in early 2021. Its co — founders are Alexey Ilyash and Vladimir Olyanitsky. They believe that in the next 3-4 years they will attract at least 50,000 establishments, and the startup will become a unicorn, that is, it will receive an estimate of more than.1 billion.

Today, choice QR is used by more than 7,500 establishments from 25 countries around the world. Among the Ukrainian clients: "Puzata Khata", this is Pivbar, Pesto family, Honey chain, etc.

In October 2021, choice QR closed a pre-seed round of €400,000. The total investment then amounted to 700,000 euros. The company made its first investment of €300,000 even earlier from its own funds and investors ' funds.

Now the startup has 50 team members in three offices: Kiev, Warsaw, Prague.

In February, choice QR turned off all establishments from Russia and Belarus, and focused on Ukraine and Europe.