Ukraine has created the first secure messenger Dober

Ukraine has developed the first secure messenger for exchanging messages Dober, which in the future will be able to use the military. This was announced during a press conference in Ukrinform by the founder of the startup Dmytro Oberemok.

In short, the test version of the app based on Android is ready. Development of the iOS version is being completed.The application allows you to avoid transferring the user's personal data to third parties, provides for anonymous registration and, if desired, complete deletion of user information from the system.The app is not linked to an email address or phone number, but only to a password-protected account on the server.The development has already received a conclusion from "white" hackers from Estonia about stable operation and a high degree of protection. Details

According to Oberemko, the need to develop such a messenger is caused by periodic interruptions in the operation of messaging services from IT giants, which are constantly subjected to hacker attacks, and increased demand during the war for more secure encrypted data transmission systems using autonomous servers.

According to the developers, the messenger can also be useful for the military for their safe communication, since the software hardware server can be located in a military unit or in some secret secure place. You only need internet access to work.

Dober Messenger offers two application options-corporate and public. In corporate, the customer can get their own software server and fully control its location and user access to it. Public Messenger involves downloading the app and connecting it via smartphones.

You can download the app in the Play Market here.